19 August 2015

Black Hole - Portugal

The black hole is the singularity where neither matter nor light escape;

The black hole is the economist dictatorship that erodes and punishes;

The black hole is timeless, there does not exist yesterday, today and tomorrow;

The black hole everything attracts and everything sips;

The black hole is the global scam, where breathing is uncontrolled;

The black hole is the abyss of temptation, pleasure and disappointment;

The black hole is joy of the night, and sadness of the day;

The black hole everything attracts and everything sips!

All works must be sent by regular mail (snail mail), with postage STAMPS to:

                                                            " TILT/Coma:::Black Hole call "
                                                                                   Cabana dos Parodiantes
                                                                                   Avª Dr. Roberto Ferreira da Fonseca, nº 40
                                                                                   2120-111, Salvaterra de Magos

info: tiltlaboratorio@gmail.com
                                                                                         curated by Helder Coelho Dias

23 July 2015

Postcards - USA

Mail-Art project by InkPrint Group - Portugal



mail-art call for the 1st exhibition of TRAssshART:
            From trash to ART!
Artists from around the world are invited to participate in this exhibition by making mail-art from leftovers of their artwork…..so:
Clean your desktop, unclutter your studio, your sewingroom.... and make some art!
You can use anything and assemble it in less than 15 minutes...
and....ssssshhhh....now it isn’t trash anymore......
ssssshhhh.......I’ll tell you: it’s ART!
Send it by regular mail, as a card, a TRAssshARTcard or in an enveloppe... or the enveloppe is the art.... 
use your imagination, as long as it fits in my mailbox.
All works will be exhibited during november 2015 in the former postoffice of the village Oud-Beijerland (near Rotterdam)
You can send your TRAssshART (made of old artwork) to
Rossinistraat 52
2807 HK Gouda
the Netherlands
deadline for participating in the first exhibition: oktober 20th 2015 
but there is no deadline for future exhibitions, so keep cleaning your workspace!

12 July 2015

"Rabisca o Risco" - Call for Mail Art


'Rabisca o Risco' started as a motif for drawing and practicing some more. Since I have a special interest on the random factor and the use of randomness as a seed for projects, I asked friends to play this old game with me. The main idea of this game is to be able to draw something after a small random doodle made by someone else.

So, ... here's the deal:
At the provided link there's a starter.
The link gives you an A4 page with a 15X15cm square with a line inside it.You may print it or transfer it with carbon paper to the desire 'canvas'. Using that random line (the same for everyone), you should create something without "breaking" it.

When mailing me the 15X15cm artwork (cut to that size), ... remember do add a random line on a blank canvas so that I may also create something for you.
Check a few more drawings at my album with the same name and at the following link.

15 cm is around 6 inches


Light and Lighting - France


8 July 2015

Donald Chump

Deadline 12/31/15 - New mail art project that I will be sending out to my mailing list. If anyone wants to participate, just send me an email with your address here on IUOMA or to scrapatorium (at) yahoo (dot) com.
All participants will receive a Mail Art Revolution pinback button as shown in the photo. Entries will be posted to my mail art site www.ipernity.com/scrapatorium .

5 July 2015

4 July 2015

"The Archaeology and Vesuvius"

International project of mail art City of Pompeii "First Edition"
 "The Archaeology and Vesuvius"

Art Director
Domenico Severino

Artists from around the world are invited to participate in the first edition of the Mail Art organized by the City of Pompeii, at the first international prize of Archaeology entitled to Amedeo Maiuri: famous Italian archaeologist and Superintendent of many years of archaeological excavations.
The theme is to be developed and submitted "The Archaeology and Vesuvius." The works must be inspired by the ancient Pompeii and the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD.The  works must not have pornographic content will be offensive, otherwise they will be eliminated from the project. The works will not be returned, but will remain available to the organizers for any traveling exhibitions. Each artist may submit up to three (3) works 15 x 21 cm in size envelope with postage stamp. The same envelope can be painted with any technique.
All works will be exhibited in the historic Palazzo de Fusco, the town of Pompeii, and publicized in a blog dedicated to the initiative. The exhibition opening will take place Saturday, October 10, 2015 which coincides with the eleventh edition of the day of Contemporary hammock (Association of Museums of Art Contemporary Italian), and will close at the end of the month.
At the close of the event there is a brochure with the works submitted.
Freestyle: (watercolor, painting, drawing, collage etc ...) postcard size 15x21 cm.
Deadline: the work must be received by 30 September 2015. No jury, no participation fee.

 The works must be sent in an envelope with postage to:
Domenico Severino via Crapolla 2a  N. 41-80045 Pompei (Na) Italy

1 July 2015


21 June 2015

Mexico seen from abroad

I am one of the organizers of the 8th Photography Encounter in Mexico (original title of this event - Encuentro Fotografico Mexico [EFM]) which will take place in Puebla and Cholula, Mexico, from October, 26th to 31st, 2015.
This is an independent event organized by professional photographers and enthusiasts and it is open to all public free of charge. There are workshops, conferences, book presentations, exhibitions (both impressed exposed in cafeterias and galleries and digitally projected in streets), photo walks and tours and lot more activities.
In this 8th EFM we want to create an enormous photo mural and we summon to participate people from all over the world. Therefore, we are inviting people to send us their proposals. I would like, if it is possible, to post this invitation also in your page. Please find enclosed the text of the proposal:

"Agnija Anca - Latvia
Mail Art Call from Puebla, Mexico

During the last week of October, 26 to 31 of October, 2015, for the 8th time in a row there will be a photo encounter (original title in Spanish – Encuentro Fotografico Mexico) which will take place in Puebla and Cholula, Mexico. All the activities during this event are free of charge and it is organized by a group of professional photographers and enthusiasts. This year the main focus is put on the social aspects and the majority of activities will take place in streets – workshops, exhibitions, photo walks and bike tours, projections.
Thus we invite everybody to participate in the creation of a photo mural and will be glad to receive your proposals.
Theme: Mexico seen from abroad
Limit: up to 3 works per artist (sent by post; in one envelope).
Identity: full address of author required
Size: 10 x 15 cm
Technique: photo related techniques
Deadline: October 1st, 2015 (stamped in post office)
No fees, no jury, no return.
Works will be exhibited during ¨Encuentro Fotografico Mexico 2015¨ in Cholula and will be included in a digital catalogue.
Send to:
Agnija Anca
Apartado Postal No.41
Parian, C.P. 75201
Puebla, Pue.
Best regards,