19 November 2014

Our School Moves

Peter Netmail recommends this new interesting project by his students:


Our school building is contaminated with asbestos. So we have to move across town into a new building. That is quite demanding.

Please send your POSTCARDS in color to our school.     
Size only: 10 x 15 cm.
Technique: free.  No e-mail-contributions please. Not in an envelope. No black&white works. No photocopies.

Deadline: 15. December 2014.
Exhibition: in our new school building.
Printed color catalog in 2015 free to every participant.

Send only to:
Schülerweg 11                                                                                                 
D 32429 Minden                                                                               

18 November 2014

TRAsssh Art - Netherlands

TRAssshART - > mailART

From trash to ART!
Make some ART from leftovers of your artwork.
Clean your desktop, unclutter your studio, your sewingroom.... and make some art!
You can use anything and assemble it in less than 15 minutes...
and....ssssshhhh....now it isn’t trash anymore......
ssssshhhh.......I’ll tell you: it’s ART!
Send it by regular mail, as a card, a TRAssshARTcard or in an enveloppe... or the enveloppe is the art.... use your imagination, as long as it fits in my mailbox.
No deadline, mention your emailadres and I will inform you about upcoming exhibitions.
Anyway.... your artwork will be exhibited online at: www.TRAssshART.blogspot.com
I’m looking forward to your TRAssshART:
Rossinistraat 52
2807 HK Gouda
the Netherlands

13 November 2014


Voici le nouvel appel d’Art Postal de l’association Lettres & Images,

sur le thème de L’ARBRE / The TREE

Date limite : 1er juin 2015
Format, technique : libres. Pas de retour.
Exposition à Gradignan-33- en juin 2015 et sur le blog artpostal-arbre.blogspot.com
Seules les œuvres traitant du thème seront exposées.
Décor, adresse et timbre sur la même face.

Deadline : june 1st, 2015
Media, Size : free. No return.
Exhibition in Gradignan -33-France- in june 2015 and on the blog artpostal-arbre.blogspot.com
Only works addressing the theme will be exhibited.
Artwork, address and stamp on the same side.

Lettres et Images
5 rue de Mandavit

Merci d’avance de votre participation !

Faites passer le message !!

Association Lettres & Images
siège social et adresse postale : 5 rue de Mandavit - 33170 Gradignan

05 57 96 86 60
06 17 93 58 08